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I do not necessarily need that the cast of Sherlock, and those who work in Sherlock is interested in the fandom. I do not care that even understand it. I do not want to talk about top!lock with Loo (for example). I do not care.

The only thing that I would like, if possible, it’s like I do not tell them how to do their job that they did not tell me how to be a fan. That don’t tell me what to see in the series. That they do not criticize the fact that I see in a certain way the subtext that they put there (because at first it seemed fun and a little irreverent), but they respect the fact that I see something that is independent of the chemistry that have two actors (that there is, no one denies) and that depends on the way in which Holmes and Watson have been shown in several versions including this one. Especially in this.

From the moment are also the people who see the johnlock (not just them, there are a lot of people who like other couples or do not like any couple, no one doubts, and it is fine) those who have waited the third season, that have talked about (maybe sometimes they got angry but because they loved this show), and will wait for the fourth season, every now and then I’d like that the cast speak about them with a little more respect. Thinking about thirty seconds about the words to use.

Since a subtext Johnlock was added (I see it a lot, i see an engame johnlock but maybe the the cast sees it less or did not want to talk about how he sees it. I don’t care) I can accept that is not understand my way of seeing this subtext but I wish it were always respected.

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Plenty of places, plenty of households


Well… At least Martin Freeman has finally begun to realise that the show they have created is perceived as gay, not only by a small minority, but by an increasing number of people all over the world.

-The interviewer acknowledges that practically all of China sees Sherlock and John in a sexual…